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Founded in 2001, Literie La Libellule has always had the mission to offer its customers a different, original and quality product. Our beddings have so far tucked tens of thousands of babies, always in the comfort and the sweetness of our products. The desire to offer our customers models of bedding according to the current trends in decoration, is a challenge that stimulates Nadia constantly in her creativity.

In 2017, created a bedding subsidiary to Literie La Libellule, which she named Carrément Bébé. Carrément Bébé stands out by creating models of Patchwork bedding, well designed, accompanied by plush stuff animals and cushions assorted with bedding. The excitement was instantaneous, and it continues to this day.


A passion that is expressed by fabrics

Literie La Libellule was born from a huge desire to create baby products. From the earliest moments of her maternity, Nadia Dassaud discovers an unsuspected passion for sewing and fabrics, which pushed her in a world of creativity that would translate into the making of baby bedding.

Textures for soft and cozy universes


Each fabric is carefully selected in order to allow you to create universes that will be in the image of your tenderest dreams.  The finest quality of our beddings as well as that of the chosen fabrics is the core value of our company.


A major manufacturer in Quebec, the products are distributed in numerous stores that are committed to offering Products made in Quebec.

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Discover Literie La Libellule and Carrément Bébé for baby bedding, child blankets and newborn room decoration.

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